Gratitude; to Experience Life’s Abundance

“Life is a banquet and most people are starving themselves”.
-Auntie Mame

One of the most powerful experiences we can have it the experience of gratitude. When we feel gratitude our hearts open, our vibration raises, and we are closer to our angels and higher selves. Gratitude is a gift we can give ourselves daily. We can do this by focusing our attention to the blessings that exist in each of our lives. We are all gifted with so much. From the life we are given to the glorious sunrises and sunsets that are ours to enjoy each day. We are not, nor have ever been, forgotten or unloved. We have a bountiful universe around us and pleasures great and small that are ours to notice and appreciate. When we are busy in our daily lives, we often do not take the time to notice the small gifts that are in each moment; a smile, the sky, a birds song, a pet, the air as it fills our lungs, the sun against the leaves on the trees. There is so much to notice and appreciate. Truly, it is the “attitude of gratitude” that is the greatest gift that we can receive. For when we look to our lives with appreciation, no matter the hardships that we have endured, we see that there are indeed things to be grateful for. If we can experience gratitude, we are indeed blessed in our lives. When we are grateful, love, acceptance, and peace are ours. Sometimes the experience of gratitude is elusive, sometimes it spills over into every experience.

The following are some Angelic Essences available that can support our experience of gratitude. These essences can assist us in more fully enjoying and acknowledging the blessings in our lives. Blessed Be: This is the abundance formula. It assists with the recognition of the blessings in one’s life. It initiates the experience of Gratitude, one of life’s greatest gifts, and begins the change in consciousness from that of lack, to recognizing the abundance of blessings that exist. It brings to awareness and supports the key steps to increased manifestation and co-creation. With this essence, consciousness can become more focused and therefore intention will become more powerful. People can become more altruistic with this essence, for when one feels abundant, the desire to share increases. Since this essence connects the group mind and focuses intention, it is valuable for use at family and community gatherings.

Coming Home:This essence is for supporting our “coming home” to ourselves, our Spirit, our Higher self, our deeper knowing, and our source. This essence is for those who feel disconnected from themselves and their Spirit, who have gotten distracted in worldly affairs. It also supports our coming home to a physical family, or community. It brings a deep sense of peace, balance, transformation and angel love into life’s experiences.

Harmony: We can all use harmony in our lives. This essence harmonizes all situations and events. A state of harmony frees us from internal conflict, supporting us to have an increased experience of gratitude. It creates harmony within, without and in all things.

Love-Light Essence: This essence opens the crown and heart to receive higher vibrational frequencies of love, giving greater awareness and assistance in experiencing higher love. It raises consciousness to attune it to the frequency of love, generating and increasing all forms of love. In the state of love, things that we may not normally consider gifts are seen as such. Love opens our hearts and minds. It allows us to experience gratitude at a new level. Love is the greatest healer and the greatest gift. The capacity to feel love is worthy of our gratitude.

It is with much gratitude and appreciation that we can offer these and other essences you.

Please contact us with your experiences and feedback. We love to hear them! These essences are offered to you with pure intention and heart, and for the benefit of all sentient beings. Thank you for using Angelic Essences.

– Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team.