A magical landscape with mountain goat in the middle of the Alps (stress relief, rest, vacation - concept) (A magical landscape with mountain goat in the middle of the Alps (A magical landscape with mountain goat in the middle of the Alps (stress reli

Shamanic Essences; Gifts from the Animal

Shamanic Essences are profound gifts from the animal kingdom, much vaster than what we have known before. To try to convey what these are, I know of no better way than to start at the beginning…

…One day I was directed to make an essence of an eagle. As with messages that are that clear and strong, I knew I needed to follow it. As I thought about how to go about filling this directive, I reflected on how to make animal essences, and some of the animal parts I have as possible sources of an energetic imprint. Almost immediately this thought was squelched by the realization that using a portion of an animal, any animal, would limit the essence to the evolutionary development of that animal. For example, in making an essence of a homo-sapien, I could take an energetic imprint of myself or another person and that essence would then be limited by our development. Something greater and more fully encompassing had to be used.

I consulted the Animal Kingdom and realms beyond my own. I was told not only was it possible, but how to go about co-creating these essences with care to include all aspects of the animal and animal family. These essences were made to include the group mind of the animal, all the evolutionary elements including the future potential of this animal, as well as the animal in all dimensions and all time, with all its gifts and attributes. Each animal grouping directed and guided me through the making process. Each one was totally unique.

I learned about each animal families consciousness and know there is much more to learn. I learned that our frog friends originated from another planet and have traveled not only to earth, but to other planets as well. I watched the animals manifest incredible focus and abilities and then return to behavior that would more typify my experiences with them. Some of the energies brought me to tears; all were awe inspiring.

It was made clear at the time that these essences were not to be defined in the traditional sense, for they operate so individually and can provide more than our current awareness can hold. I have found that each of these animal essences bring to the individual that which is most needed. Their vastness manifesting in the range of experiences people are having.

I am deeply grateful for the gifts these animals have brought to us and pray that through their manifestation we will not only gain much from our animal friends, but also will in turn deepen our respect, understanding, and love for them.

Animals give to us and we have not always met them with gratitude and respect. Now they are sharing with us even more. Many of these species are calling out for us to become conscious, to understand and live our inter relatedness. We have abused and exploited many of the animal kingdom and yet it is with compassion that they reach out to us again and offer their energies to assist us to heal, to shift our consciousness and to create a better world. Their gift is awe inspiring. I am touched by their willingness to give and by their compassion.

They give to us unconditionally with the hope that we will listen and use their offering with love and consciousness. I am awed, touched, humbled and inspired by what has and is happening, and for the ability to be a small part of bringing these to you. I pray that you will use them well and that you will use them. Out of deep love and respect for all the animals that have and continue to participate in this process, I say Thank-you.

We offer these for the benefit of all.