Angelic Essences™

Vibrational remedies to awaken and heal the Heart, Mind and Spirit

Angelic Essences™ are gifts from the Angels and Spirit. They come to us through the deep love and compassion Spirit has for us. These are energies that are new to our planet, pure energies of the highest source, energies based in Love.

  • Angelic Essences™ are used in healing and awakening the body, mind, emotions, and Spirit of those who take them. Most physical illness originates in the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies from present or past life trauma. Our essences work on these levels affecting the cause of disease and stimulating healing at the deepest level. 
  • Angelic Essences™ support spiritual awakening and ascension. By raising a person's vibration and strengthening their connection to their personal Divine, Angels, and Spiritual helpers.
  • Angelic Essences™ increase feelings of well-being, acceptance, love and peace, bringing greater ease and joy to life. 
  • Angelic Essences™ support us to live fully, authentically. 
  • Angelic Essences™ are effective with animals, pets, and plants.
  • Angelic Essences™ can be used to clear and transform energies of environments, locations, objects, etc. 
We offer Angelic Essences™ in a variety of forms ~ in individual dropper bottles; in kits for support with a focus; in Custom essences for meeting all your individual needs and desires; in Angelic Sprays for your environment and the energy around you; in sterling silver pendants and necklace pendants to wear so you may always be supported by their energies.