"Greetings Ruth, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing Indigo series of essences. I ordered them at the top of March and finished in about 3 1/2 weeks. I feel completely transformed! I was having a terrible time with my extreme sensitivity to EVERYTHING and I was at my wits ends when I was guided to get the essences. I feel more fortified with my healing gifts and definitely more grounded. I look forward to more experiences with your essences as well as wanting to carry them in my cafe when it opens!
Thank you so much! Love and light to you and your team."

- Dana Mason, Owner; Indigo Angel Cafe

"These essences are wonderful! I'm finding them very powerful for myself and for my clients. Thank you!"

- Judy Springer, MTP, Flower Essence Practitioner

"Upon opening the box of Angelic Essences™, I was bathed with a unique, sweet light. My clients and I have experienced a major shift with the Freedom from Fear. It's very fast acting; I highly recommend it."

- Gary Mason, Flower Essence Pharmacy

"It's a vibration to some, a knowing to others, and a deeply personal experience for many. The reasons are varied, but customers are drawn like a magnet to these gifts of our Angelic Friends."

- Catherine Kinnaird, Centergees; New Age Gifts and Books

"Angelic Essences™ are an exquisite addition to my repertoire. One that has been coming up consistently is CELEBRATION, as a lot of people and animals need to increase their happiness."

- Li Bette Porter, Essence Practitioner, Researcher, Teacher

"I found these to be extremely enlightening and to move energy into the angelical being of the Oneness."

- Grandmother River, Native American Spiritual Teacher and Healer

"I have been taking flower essences myself since 1990 and became a certified flower essence practitioner in 1994. The Angelic Essences™ are more powerful and effective for me and my clients than any that i have ever used. When taken with other essences, the other essences become more powerful."

-Nancy Burke Msc.D., C.Ht.,Flower Essence Practitioner,San Diego, CA

"I love your essences. They penetrate deeply to heal in a way that is positive and very expansive".

-M. Donoghue; Essence Producer, Essence Practitioner

"These Angelic Essences™ helped me SO much ? much to my surprise! Thanks again."

-Sara R. Student

"These essences are wonderful! I’m finding them very powerful for myself and for my clients. Thank you!"

-J. Springer MTP Flower Essence Practitioner

"Your essences are a Godsend!"

-D. K. K. Essence Practitioner

"I tried Freedom from fear and it had a great effect on me! I had an idea earlier this year how nice it would be to live my life being released from all the unnecessary fear within me, which were there because they were conditioned from the past. It would be nice to replace all those fears with openness, wisdom and light and of-course love, I thought. And I came across Freedom from Fear. I felt subtle layers of fear with which I had identified myself in the past, melt away as I took Freedom of Fear and I noticed myself filling myself fully with my own energy and presence. There was then no need to react to pressure from outside, I just felt completely relaxed in my being. It gave me a new sense of myself and a great realization. I thank you and the angels for this."

-M. W. ; Translator/Japan

"Amazing! All praise to both you and to your Angelic Beings for having so beautifully improved the level of well-being and harmony in our household."

- Yolanda LaCombe, Essence Practitioner

"I had an intense, spiritual experience when we were asked to support one of our dear clients while she had her horse put down. I made a libation of your trilogy, LOVE, CELEBRATION and KNOWING to deal with transition and release."

-Y. L. Essence Practitioner

"Freedom from Fear helps me to move beyond my fear and still take action. It helps me to align with my truth".

- J. I. Essence Educator

"Blessings for being the channel who brought the magnificent Angelic Essences™, particularly Freedom from Fear to this plane. There are 3 cats, 2 dogs and 3 people in my house. One person and one animal took Freedom from Fear. The entire dynamic between EVERYBODY changed within 48 hours. AMAZING! All praise to both you and to your Angelic Beings for having so beautifully improved the level of well being and harmony in our household."

- Y. L. ; Partner—The Energy Works!

"I’ve been using KNOWING prior to client sessions when I feel I need to be particularly insightful. I feel it has been helpful".

- J. S. ; Essence Practitioner, Teacher

"I have found the essence Knowing to be very powerful, bringing for many what is unconscious (known yet not recognized) to conscious awareness."

- Z.S., Essence Practitioner

"Thank you! I have been taking your essence Love, and I feel my heart opening, and feeling more love. I feel more peaceful and happy. It is truly a gift!"

- R. G. Essence Practitioner

"Love essence seems to deepen the level of awareness that people have of the beauty in the world and increases one’s tolerance. It keeps them out of judgement. Love essence seems to allow the user to soften, drop the shell of armor so many of us carry, and in the softening to become aware that love is present in many forms - the shape of rocks, the flow and dance of the leaves as the wind moves through them. - as well as in and with people, the more traditionally thought-of source of love. I feel it makes the world softer."

- Z. S.,Essence Practitioner

"I love Mother Moon/Mother Mary. When I opened the box of essences I was immediately drawn to this essence. I feel so at peace when I hold it."

- S. M. Retail Clerk.

"Mother Moon, Mother Mary appears to me to provide a cradle in which our most delicate selves can rest, cradling the essential self while intense, often dramatic, changes take place within and without one."

- Z. S. G., Healer

"I have had some interesting experiences with OBIE ONE. It makes a very good trauma remedy. It is also good for "glue" to unify other diverse remedies"

- Y.L., Essence Practitioner.

"My experience with OBIE ONE is that it brings an awareness that all parts relate to the whole. By providing us with this macroview, Obie One shows us that action in harmony with the whole results in more order and less karma. This essence reminds me of the ordered, clock-like aspect of the universe, which, through perfect coordination, produces perfect movement by, between, and among all things."

- J. B.,Essence Researcher

"I have turned to the combination OBIE ONE, HOOK-UP, REJUVENATION to help me deal with a very heavy workload and stressful combination of activities. It has been quite helpful. It calms me and helps me be more present for each client and activity."

- J. S., Essence Practitioner and Educator

"I’ve experienced severe fatigue 2 or 3 times a year for 10 years. I tried several essences and energy work, everything that could help in this situation. Nothing worked. In this situation, I felt like the energy within my body had dried up and I was unable to charge from the inside of me or from a higher place. One day I found a bottle of Rejuvenation….After taking Rejuvenation, I could clearly find the energy begin to gush and flow within me. I felt I could take myself back and recovered. When one of my friends was stricken with the deep grief after a conflict with her partner, I thought Rejuvenation could help her more than a hug from me. So I visited her and just handed her my bottle of Rejuvenation. After holding it for a few hours, she was released from that emotion. Rejuvenation has become my "rescue remedy". Whenever I feel exhausted, overwhelmed, losing myself, especially when I have no idea for the reason and unable to figure it out, whether it is physically, emotionally, or spiritually, I take Rejuvenation essence. This is one of my favorite essences."

- Katie; Group Facilitator, Personal Growth Instructor

"I started using the REJUVENATION with FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND HOOK-UP essences because I had experienced great amounts of exhaustion fear and feeling disconnected for many years. I’m doing so much better now! I totally trust the Angelic Essences™ I take are helping me heal levels I’ve previously been unable to reach".

- D. Kahapea; Healer, Bodyworker

"I have found that Rejuvenation by itself releases tension around my joints, muscles and nerves, thereby releasing pain from rheumatoid arthritis that I have had since childhood. I am also a survivor of the flesh-eating bacteria and am working with other survivors as well. There is a great loss of soft muscle tissue in the area attacked. I have found Rejuvenation bringing about a greater use of the affected parts. I could move my arm in a new way and it now has greater strength. My leg muscles are now stronger and during this summer while vacationing, I was able, with help, to walk down a steep rough dirt road to and area I hadn’t been able to walk to in five years. One of my clients reported that specific pressure points of pain were significantly reduced after taking Rejuvenation.

Another client was using a cane all the time to walk and now is using the cane only on very bad days and these are getting fewer. I have a client who has reported more strength, less fatigue and a greater sense of well being. Rejuvenation helped a client who had a stroke remember more words without having to stop and pause for some time like she had to before taking Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation seems to me to heal wherever the need is…it can be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Since the September 11, disaster I have used rejuvenation by itself and with Freedom from Fear on clients and myself and it has given courage for people to move ahead with their lives."

- Nancy T. Burk, Msc.D., C.Ht.;Flower Essence Practitioner,San Diego, CA

"It is quite wonderful to have your Angelic Essences™ at my home and office. You have given a great gift. I feel so excited about having them! The essences have given a new level of ease to my work. These essences articulate the many aspects of healing that angels bring us. They are precious and perfect for me in my clinical practice and at home! I have used them in a group healing where we addressed sexual abuse, opening to being here fully, and the work was a beautiful laughter filled miracle. We felt euphoric afterward. I have since used them in my women’s group to effect a shift for money/sex issues for the group and for the world. In my private practice, they help in many ways too. I have a wide range of clients. One woman I work with immediately manifested a new job option after a session to open possibilities!

Another client had lessening of migraine headaches after we worked to remove the constriction at the causal level. Another client was able to breathe more freely after a session. This person has been in terrific pain and suffering from a surgical procedure performed several months ago. Between the hands on therapy and the angel support from your essences, she found relief that has lasted. As you can see I am excited about what they have added to the processes I have worked with for years!"

- Aleia O'Reilly. Healer, Health Educator, Director of A.W.A.R.E.