Freedom From Fear

At one time or another, we all have experienced fear — from low-grade anxiety to terror. Fear can inhibit, paralyze, and profoundly affect the quality of our lives. Though fear can assist in helping us identify our desires and needs, it can prove debilitating unless we are able to release it. Fear prevents us from being fully alive and living our dreams. I wanted to find an essence to address all fears. The Angelic Kingdom responded with the creation of Freedom from Fear.

Freedom from Fear has proven to be one of our most popular essences. Many people have contacted me over the years with their stories and results. In the hopes that their experiences may inspire and assist others, I would like to share some of them with you. I am excited by the potential impact of living without fear. If we are no longer afraid, just imagine what we could create in our lives!

“I’ve never been without fear… Since taking the Freedom from Fear essence, the majority of fear is gone … What a relief and blessing.” D.K.

A few years ago I received a call from a woman who had been given a bottle of Freedom from Fear. She told me she had lived with panic attacks for 18 years. She said she also had agoraphobia. She told me that, after taking Freedom from Fear, she was able to go to Disney World with her family. She was free of fear! She called to express deep and profound gratitude for this essence.

During the time Freedom from Fear came into my life, I was having panic attacks, was under a great deal of stress, and experiencing a lot of fear. Within days of taking this essence, all my fear was gone! It was incredible! I have not had a panic attack since. At that time, the results were so profound that I thought I would never experience fear again. What I have realized since is that new situations may cause anxiousness or concern, such as a move, job change etc; and as we heal and grow, we touch new layers of ourselves that may once again need the support of Freedom from Fear.

Freedom from Fear combines well with other essences. Judy Springer, an essence practitioner, writes, “I’m finding the combination of Freedom from Fear with Shame Free (with flower essences) to be quite powerful for survivors of abuse (all kinds).” Another person concurs, “Freedom from Fear and Shame Free have been a rich source of support, healing, transformation. Many thanks to you and the Spirit and Angel team!” M.M.

In another case, a practitioner writes about giving a colleague Freedom from Fear because he had grown up in an abusive, chaotic home; and fear had been creating problems for him in expanding his practice. She reports that it assisted him in ending an unhealthy relationship. She then combined Shame Free and Freedom from Fear and noted he’s been much calmer. The addition of Shame Free seemed to help with his fears of being judged.

Freedom from Fear with the essence Letting Go can be helpful in getting through a trying situation. By releasing the fear, it becomes easier to “let go” and find greater peace and trust.

Another person states, “I started using Rejuvenation, Freedom from Fear, and Hook-up formulas because I had experienced great amounts of exhaustion, fear and disconnectedness for many years. I’m doing so much better now! I totally trust the Angelic Essences I take are helping me heal levels I’ve previously been unable to reach.” D. K.

Sharing stories of essence results with animals is particularly inspiring, because their responses are not influenced by what the bottle or practitioner says it will do. We had a cat that was traumatized as a kitten and was extremely skittish. We would often not see her for days, as she would hide behind the washer and dryer during the day; and when everyone was asleep, she would venture out to eat. Within one week of having a few drops of Freedom from Fear placed in her water dish, she was joining us in the living room and rubbing on us to pet her. It was remarkable! To this day I am so grateful for the transformation this essence brought to her life.

Yolanda LaCombe, an essence practitioner, describes a very challenging case of a Coyote mix that had been “probably abused sexually and ritually” before coming to her. This animal was compromised physically and emotionally. She had a weakened immune system and liver function and suffered from blackened, itchy skin. Yolanda worked with this animal for years, using a variety of methods. She was, with the help of essences, seeing some improvement. As she writes, “I… acquired several of your wonderful Angelic Essences, including the Freedom from Fear. I returned home and gave Lady this essence straight from the stock bottle. That same day, her gait while being let outside changed dramatically. Rather than slinking around and backing away if her companion wanted out at the same time, she pranced around in tight circles in front of us. …Lady and her companion Lovey are cuddling…Lady is more present when we have company or clients, and there have been some very tender exchanges with each of our three cats.” Lady exemplifies the challenges and difficulties of those who have experienced abuse and the powerful, positive changes that can come when we eliminate the fear in our lives.

Gary Mason, the founder of The Flower Essence Pharmacy wrote, “Upon opening the box of Angelic Essences, I was bathed with a unique, sweet light. My clients and I have experienced a major shift with the Freedom from Fear. It’s very fast acting; I highly recommend it.” Freedom from Fear has been a blessing for many. It is with much gratitude that we have been given and can offer this essence to you.

With thanks to all who have shared their stories.
Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team