Creating a Joy-filled Holiday Season

Fall is here and we begin the approach to the “holiday” season. This time of year can bring an enormous mixture of feelings and experiences. We look to this time of year to reflect on our past and plan our future. We look to it to connect with our friends and family. We look to it to fill ourselves with something; something intangible, something the holidays seem to promise. It can be a time of joy and sadness. As we attempt to connect with the specialness of the season, we may cut ourselves off from our needs, desires and aliveness. How can this time of expectations and stress be one of celebration and fulfillment? Fortunately the Angelic Kingdom has provided many essences to support us through this time of year and all it brings.

Our sojourn begins with Thanksgiving. An event that appears benign yet can present us with untold emotions. Thanksgiving. The time of “Pilgrims and Indians”, of turkey dinners and family gatherings. Time for a trip, a few days off, and the beginning of the Christmas sales. Thanksgiving. What is it? Is it time to feed the poor, to share another huge dinner with family and friends, and to take a deep breath before we head down the stretch to the end of another year? Or is it the time to slow down, reflect on and celebrate what we are grateful for? It can be all of these and more. As we focus on ‘Thanksgiving’, what are we thankful for? “One of life’s greatest gifts is the experience of gratitude.” -RP. It is true that when we experience gratitude, the experience of our lives change. The circumstances that may bother us diminish and our hearts become more full. The Angelic Essence BLESSED BE can assist us in experiencing and acknowledging the blessings we have received. It initiates the experience of Gratitude, and begins the change in consciousness from that of lack, to recognizing the abundance of blessings that exist. It brings to awareness the key steps to increased manifestation and co-creation. With this essence, consciousness can become more focused and therefore intention can become more powerful. There is the potential for greater altruism with this essence, for when one feels abundant, the desire to share increases. Since this essence connects the group mind and focuses intention, it is valuable for use at family and community gatherings.

We come into this world seeking love and joy. We reach for that which satisfies and fulfills us. We literally put all we find into our mouths to taste and explore. Somewhere along the line we stopped reaching. We become complacent in our situations and accept the limitations that we feel. We no longer give ourselves permission to explore by touch, to reach for ALL we want; and to feel fully whether we receive it or not. We become ‘Mature’. We reason. We are appropriate. We have lost some of our aliveness. As we grow, we begin to pull in, to pull back. We limit ourselves by what we have learned, what we have been told, and by the beliefs we have embraced. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but what are we missing? What are we living without? Are we instead living out of obligations, ideas, concepts? Where are WE in all of this? MOTHER MOON MOTHER MARY essence supports us by stimulating deep love and compassion for all, including ourselves. Compassion for what we perceive as the shadow as well as light. This essence opens our hearts and stimulates acceptance and compassion for the choices we have made and the experiences we have had. We are able to see the big picture and experience it through love without limits. It helps us to reconnect with ourselves, with love for ourselves and love for all. HEALING THE HEART OF THE SOUL essence brings to us deep healing on a soul level. It assists us by bringing compassion, mercy, and deep love, with the knowledge of what the soul needs. It is for healing the wounds of the past in this lifetime and beyond. It brings a return to wholeness. CREATING REALITIESexpands previously set boundaries and limitations. It strengthens and develops the imagination to create the life experiences we want.

With the arrival of the holidays we have the potential to lose ourselves further in the obligations, activities and habits of our ideas, desires, and upbringing. We may choose activities and focus that may not feed our souls or provide us with meaning. During these times sadness, emptiness, maybe even resentment may prevail. COMING HOME essence assists us by bringing us “home” to ourselves, our Spirit, our Higher self, our deeper knowing, and our Source. This essence is for those who feel disconnected from themselves and their Spirit, who have gotten distracted in worldly affairs. It brings a deep sense of peace, balance, transformation and Angel love into life’s experiences. As many of us gather with physical family and community this time of year, this essence supports us to remain connected to ourselves. With so many obligations, internal and external, we may wonder where is the time for me? What do I want and need during this time? The Angelic Essence LIVING ONE’S TRUTH opens one to knowing their personal Truth, even if we have been disconnected from it due to past life trauma or present life repression. It gives the courage and conviction to live one’s Truth and to step more fully into one’s personal power. This essence assists in finding ways to respect others desires and needs without compromising one’s own. It inspires authenticity in action and deed.

During the busyness of the holidays and New Year, we often don’t take the time to feel, to smell, relax, enjoy. We don’t take the time to go within and reflect, to dream, dream our futures, and to touch and nurture the deepest realms of our being. SWEETNESS is an essence that supports us by bringing ‘sweetness’ into all life experiences. Though many situations related to the holidays can feel challenging, and hard, this essence provides ease and respite in the form of gentleness, tenderness, nurturing. Feelings move through us with ease and acceptance. Resistance is washed away, taking away tension; like an inner massage. It energizes, harmonizes and promotes gratitude. When life feels hard, this is the essence to take.

For increased busyness and stress the essence REJUVENATION can create a state of peace, relaxation, clarity, and integration. We can experience being “the calm in the midst of the storm”. This essence supports one to step fully into who they are with ease, openness, and nonjudgement. It can provide the experience of letting go, deep relaxation, and of allowing feelings to present themselves and be released. REJUVENATION melts the armor and tension we wear and carry and rejuvenates us from a deep psychic and cellular level. It gives a person permission to take a break, relax and integrate fully. It works as a first aid remedy for those stressed, who need a break, who need deep nourishment and aren’t able to or don’t know how to get it. TIME PEACE is the essence to use when we feel caught up in the limitations of time. During the holidays we may feel there is ‘so much to do and not near enough time’. This essence creates a deeper understanding and ease with the element of time, which then eases stress.

The situations and experiences we find ourselves in during the holidays are often the results of our minds attempt to fulfill our deeper needs. These may be needs that we are unaware of, that connect us to our core values and beliefs. It may be the desire to heal family relationships, to meet our need for connection, intimacy, and inclusion. It may be that we need to know we are providing for our families, for our children and in doing so we can perceive of ourselves as a “good” parent or person. The holidays are a time when many of these needs come to the forefront. We strive to fulfill these often at our own expense. FREEDOM FROM FEAR essence supports us by eliminating anxiety, fear and anticipation. It helps us to identify the cause of fear and release it. Fear can stop us from doing what we want and being fully who we are by influencing our choices. This essence eliminates fear, thus preventing it from inhibiting, overwhelming and influencing us.

To become aware of our needs and to consciously choose to fulfill our needs and wants in ways that care for ourselves and others is cause for celebration. It is when we do things out of ‘obligation’ or feeling we ‘should’, we ‘need to’, or we ‘have to’, that our life energy is diminished. In these times we have choice. KNOWING assists us by increasing our awareness on all levels. Bringing a broader understanding, increased possibilities, and compassionate understanding. We can see what is before us, reflect on the results of our choices in the past and decide on our focus this time.

Life calls us to live in balance, in harmony. The Navajo call it “The Beauty Way”. Essences can support us to live in balance and harmony, to find our Truth and to experience life in joy and love. Though the seasons continue to turn, and holidays will come and go, we can live our lives as we choose; finding joy, harmony and love in our experience. The essence HARMONY, harmonizes all situations and events, creating harmony within, without and among all things. This state of harmony frees us from internal conflict, generating the experience of freedom, peace and increased gratitude. JOYFUL EXPANSION essence opens our hearts, filling them with joy and unbounded happiness; bringing peace contentment and joy. LOVE opens the heart to Love beyond all prior knowing. It heals the hearts, souls and spirits of all who inhabit the earth now, and brings us into closer harmony with the Higher Source of Love. It is powerful and transformative. This essence is experiential not conceptual. One may feel enveloped by the soft energy of love. LOVE-LIGHT ESSENCE opens the crown and heart to receive higher vibrational frequencies of love. It raises consciousness attuning it to the frequency of higher love. It generates and increases all forms of love. In the state of love, things that we may not normally consider gifts are seen as such. Love opens our hearts and minds. It allows us to experience gratitude at a new level. Love is the greatest healer and the greatest gift. The essence GRACE provides ‘Grace’ in all things. It is the gift for balancing and harmonizing all energies bringing peace inner harmony and greater ease to all situations. It is energizing and transforming.ANGELIC HEALING BALANCING AND INTEGRATION essence assists in all life circumstances. This essence carries energy that is a key component to the healing process. It promotes balance, for in being out of balance we become susceptible to many forms of dis-ease. The integration component in this essence is for assisting in the integration on all levels including, but not limited to the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and planetary. This can be added to any other essence as a helpful addition by supporting the work and intention of the original essence. It also provides amplification, cooperation and integration of the various energies within a given essence blend. It is a universally applicable essence that compliments all forms of healing work.

As we continue through the holiday season the icons representative of this time surround us. Angels begin to make their presence more known. They become part of the seasonal decorations, and the cards we exchange. Could it be that when we are in the traditional time of stress and needing the most support that they are making their presence known in innocuous ways? Their visible presence may be a reminder to us that we are fully supported. We are not alone in these lives. They provide us with these loving energies/essences. They are here without judgment for they know that it is our life and our choice to experience life the way we choose. They are here to provide support so that we can live with awareness, choose what we want, and enjoy the moments we have been given. We are blessed.

It is with much gratitude and appreciation that the angels come to us and assist us. And it is with much gratitude and appreciation that we can receive their loving assistance. From the Angels: “It is presented to you that these coming holidays will bring to each of you all that your hearts desire. That you can have the experiences you wish without compromising your needs. That life can be full, meaningful and can be a celebration. We support and honor you in this. We have created Angelic Essences to support you and your loved ones in all of life as well as the holiday season. We close with the essence CELEBRATION, the motto of the holidays. This essence increases the potential of this time being a true celebration. It increases fun, joy and laughter. From this place of fullness in Love and expanded awareness come the effervescent energies and feelings of joy, love, exuberance, laughter, hope and optimism — and beyond. Pure celebration at what is and what is experienced. The celebration after the journey or job well done. Full satisfied, gloriously happy and content.

May these qualities and experiences fill your holidays.
With blessings to you, The Angelic Essence team”.