The Indigo Children & Indigo Energies

Children bring us many blessings, challenges and opportunities to learn. We are gifted with the awesome opportunity to influence these beings and to be influenced by them. I believe all children are precious and offer unique opportunities for us to learn and grow with and from their presence. We are blessed as the children who are coming to us now are filled with new energies and consciousness that are greatly needed for us here on earth.

A few years ago I was exposed to the concept of “Life Colors” and the Indigo children and was informed that two of my three boys are of the Indigo Life Color. This information assisted me greatly as I realized that much of what had been unique about them, and a challenge to their teachers and to me as a parent, were the same gifts that they carried as Indigo children. Like many parents, I sought out the best schooling situations I could find, took parenting classes, did counseling, supported their activities, and explored ways to meet their and my needs, yet much remained a mystery. I think I did pretty well as a parent, but was just feeling my way through their childhood, experimenting until I would find what worked with them in each given situation. Some of my most successful moments were the results of intuitive “dumb luck”. Having the information on Indigo children assisted me greatly and gave me an understanding and perspective that I found helpful as a parent.

Now that my children are grown, I hope to share this information with others so they do not have to raise their children without the awareness of who they are and the support essences can provide. There is so much we can do to support the unique beings our children are and take care of ourselves in the process. I marvel at how well my boys and I did, but do wish I knew then what I know now. I think it would have helped us all. Through working with other Indigo children, who have needed particular energies that were not yet available on our planet, the Indigo/Gateway series of essences were brought through by the Angelic Realm. Additional Angelic Essences were added to these to create a kit to support these children and assist those who live with, work with, or who just wish to attune themselves to these children, their energies and the Indigo consciousness. Some of these essences are mentioned in this article and are applicable to both parents and children. More complete descriptions will be found on the following page.

The Indigo color has been around for many years, but has only been showing up as a Life Color since around the late nineteen seventy’s. Now over ninety percent of the children being born are Indigo. Because of the unique attributes of this color and the number of people who now have this as a Life Color, public awareness is increasing. If an Indigo blesses us by their presence, we may find that using the ways our parents brought us up are not very effective. As these children age and enter our schools and other systems it is becoming evident that our Indigo children do not fit the models and systems we have created here. They operate beyond these systems. Since these old systems do not meet their needs, they can generate frustration and confusion for these children and for those of us who are trying to hold onto what we know. The essence ENTERING THE NEXT DIMENSIONAL SHIFT (Indigo/Gateway #2) can assist us to shift out of old systems and paradigms to support these children and our own awakening. The essence LETTING GO assists us and our children by increasing our ability to turn things over to a Higher Source, bringing freedom, trust and more powerful results that we could have imagined.

What sets these children apart is their vibration, their consciousness and their evolved spirit. The essence DOORWAY TO HIGHER FREQUENCIES (Indigo/Gateway #1) brings these higher frequencies to earth to be embodied and anchored here. By tuning into these newly available frequencies increased awareness, expanded consciousness and a greater connection to these beings is available. They are old and wise souls. They often have a greater understanding of who they are and their place here than many of us. The essence AWARENESS WITH LOVE (Indigo/Gateway # 3) brings to us the experience of higher consciousness and love. In Love we recognize and honor these children. With Awareness we understand and remember who we all are in our totality – our Soul. The Indigo children have come, to assist us and this planet in our next steps of spiritual growth. They have a propensity towards being psychic, and they know existence to be one of harmony, self respect, cooperation, unlimited love and self-expression. They are confused by our lack of respect for ourselves and others. They know better, and know they know better than we do. They do not understand us, the way we do things, and often feeling like “fish out of water”. The essence OPENING TO/EMBRACING EARTH INCARNATION can assist these children in grounding, embracing and enjoying this physical life experience. These children do not like to be placed in boxes. They will challenge us to look at them and treat them as individuals. These children ask for genuine respect from us, their teachers, elders and friends. Because these children come into this life with a very developed intelligence they are often uninspired and bored in our educational system. The essence INSPIRATION can assist by connecting them with a higher source of inspiration, stimulating and challenging their intellect, and engaging their creativity, enthusiasm and aliveness.

With their higher and finer vibrational level they may have physical sensitivities, and differing emotional needs. The essence GATEWAY TO TRUTH, PASSION, PURPOSE, HOPE (Indigo/Gateway #4) can support them by bringing peace, acceptance, greater contentment and hope; healing the emotional body, aligning them to their original soul print, and reconnecting them to their passion and purpose. Physically, they have more refined systems and energies that require a different approach than traditional medicine. They are often misdiagnosed and medicated because they do not fit in the traditional educational structure. Many of these children, due to their energies and different attributes are often mistakenly diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. We are being challenged to expand our awareness and develop alternative methods of raising and caring for these children. Essences have proven to be an effective alternative to medication in assisting these children with their focus and energy among other things. The essence SOLID CENTER/PEACEFUL HEART supports being centered, remaining grounded and calm. It stimulates inner peace and greater ease and acceptance.

As parents, teachers and community members of these children, we have much to learn. It is our task to listen to them as the wise beings that they are, yet as parents to lovingly guide them in this world. They will come across many things and people that will try to invalidate them since they do not fit into our old structures.FREEDOM FROM FEAR will assist us with any anxiety we may have about these children and will support our children to fully become who they are, not holding back from fear of judgment or rejection. It is our job to show support for who they are as we teach them about this world. They will be the ones guiding it through the next major transition. We need to listen to them. Our children are not the only ones needing our understanding and support. As parents, we need these too. Years ago I learned the importance of addressing my need for healing and awakening, for my children’s sake as well as my own. I saw as I took responsibility for my own healing and growth my children also learned and grew. There was also less risk of my projecting my unresolved feelings and issues onto them. They realized that what I needed to heal had nothing to do with them. As parents and caregivers, we are human and if we are not getting our needs met, we cannot meet the needs of another. A person who is getting their needs met has more inner resources to share. We are encouraged to use essences for ourselves, to support the parents, teachers and caregivers as well as children. The essence MOTHER MOON/MOTHER MARY stimulates deep compassion within us for our children, ourselves and others. It opens our hearts, helping us to relate to our experiences from a place of love.

Indigos are here to show us tomorrow. To lead us into the coming age. Our children are our gifts. They are the gifts of life to itself. They are living proof of the deep love, support and commitment to us and to the Earth from our Creator. Life can be challenging, parenting can be challenging, and teaching can be challenging. We are exposed to many things that ask us to go beyond ourselves and beyond what we know. These children’s presence in our lives is calling us to become more than we have known. The essence GATEWAY OF COMPLETION (Indigo/Gateway #5) integrates these new energies and awareness in our lives, so we can join our children, leading the way. In our culture it is easier and habitual to look at someone who displays behavior or tendencies that differ from us as challenged or difficult. What we are saying to you is they bring opportunity. JOYFUL EXPANSION essence helps us to remember that our children herald a new beginning and hope for us and our planet. It assists us by bringing joy to all our experiences. As parents we have a responsibility, not only to raise our children, but also to raise ourselves to be the best that we can be. As humans we are challenged to look at ourselves, to what stimulates us that we need to heal. It is not necessary to physically have children in our lives to benefit from these energies and the awareness and change in vibration that they can bring. These essences are for us all.

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