Indigo Ray Series Kit™


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These essences carry frequencies unavailable until now. They are familiar to the children of the Indigo Ray and will help them integrate their finer energies with those already on this planet. These gateways will stimulate an evolution and awakening in the rest of us, bringing us into greater alignment with the new energies available that are vibrationally higher and clearer, that we may resonate with and evolve from them. These energies will stimulate the magnetic strands of our DNA at a higher frequency than before, reconnecting us with our full potential. It has been said that there are 12 strands of DNA. These essences will connect 48 strands of DNA, for our potential is increased. This potential will increase again before the major shift in 2018. These essences will be particularly helpful the to “seed beings” on this planet, the ones awakening themselves and guiding others, for they recognize these energies and their importance at this time. This kit includes the following essences:

1. Indigo/Gateway #1: The Doorway to Higher Frequencies
2. Indigo/Gateway #2: Entering the Next Dimensional Shift
3. Indigo/Gateway #3: Awareness with Love
4. Indigo/Gateway #4: Gateway to Truth, Passion, Purpose, Hope
5. Indigo/Gateway #5: Gateway of Completion
6. Indigo/Gateway #6: Sweet Sleep
7. Indigo/Gateway #7: De-Light

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