Angelic Spiritual Growth and Awakening Kit™


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The focus of Angelic Essences™ has consistently been to affect positive change by supporting our conscious awakening and to provide the energies needed to stimulate spiritual and personal growth. These energies will raise our consciousness, increase our vibration, and open to us new possibilities. By accessing these energies, our lives change as we bring greater light and joy to our experiences and perceptions. This kit includes the following essences:

1. Attunement
2. Coming Home
3. Connecting to the Source
4. Creating Realities/Imagination
5. DNA 64
6. Hook Up
7. LighbodyPreparation #1: Opening to the Golden Energies
8. Lightbody Essence #2: The Golden Light
9. Lightbody Essence #3: The Golden Crown
10. Opening Gateways
11. Personal and Planetary Evolution
12. VRIL

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