Earth Healing Kit™


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This kit consists of four essences that work in harmony to support all elements and aspects of the Earth’s Healing and Transformation. It is recommended that the earth healing essences be used together as they each address a different aspect of this. These essences placed upon the earth help bring her back into alignment and help bring these aspects, her physical and energetic body, back into harmony and into resonance with each other. This creates a more stable, harmonious planet and environment; supporting and influencing those who live upon and within her. For us these essences awaken and support us in accessing her teachings and the recorded information she carries. These essences support us to consiously experience similar awakening, grounding, balancing, harmony and growth as she does. Please read the individual descriptions of these essences to more fully understand the power and use of these essences. This kit includes the following essences:

1. Earth Healing #1: The Foundation
2. Earth Healing #2: Sea and Stone
3. Earth Healing #3: Crust and Crystal
4. Earth Healing #4: Evolutionary Promise The essences in this kit were co-created by Bonnie Whittington, essence producer extraordinaire; Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team.

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