Angelic Essences™ office will be closed from October 20-November 14, 2019

Ruth Joy is offering Angelic Essence™ classes in Japan; April 2020

Please check our Event Page for more details.  

Angelic Essences™ new website!  

We love the look of our new site and hope you do too.  

Once our new store was up and running we discovered that the only way we can accept online payments is through the PayPal processor.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this as you can use your credit card directly to pay.  

You can also contact us directly and we can process your card through our server.  This is the secure server we have used in the past and will be using on our new site.  

Thank you for your ongoing love and support of Angelic Essences™.

Ruth and the Angelic Essence™ Team. 

Angelic Essences™ News!

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Angelic Essences™ May, 2017 Newsletter:
Angelic Essences™ is 22 years old!

In this beautiful month of May, Angelic Essences™ celebrates its 22nd anniversary.

It is amazing to reflect that 22 years ago these incredible essences came forth and of all of the blessings and miracles they have brought to so many through the years.

We are grateful and honored to be part of this. 

We would love to hear your stories and experiences with Angelic Essences™.  Your sharing supports our ongoing learning about Angelic Essences™ and the many ways they work. 
~ Please note that what you share is confidential unless you give us permission to share your experiences. 
Please send your stories and experiences to  

Thank you!
Ruth  and the Angelic Essence™ Team