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Any orders received while we are closed will be filled as soon as we return.  Thank you. 

Greetings and blessings to you!  

We are grateful for the essences that continue to support us and so many worldwide as we navigate through these unprecedented times.

This year in April 2022, we celebrated our 28th birthday of Angelic Essences™.  It continues to be an honor and pleasure to serve through the gifts of these essences.  

We are moving locations this year and remain open and looking forward to serving, supporting, and sharing this journey of life with you. 

Please contact us with any questions or sharing you may have.  We are here and value our connection with you. 


Ruth and the Angelic Essence™ Team 


Currently Ruth's in person classes are on hold.  Please check back as they will be posted on this site once they are scheduled.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Ruth Joy's Angelic Essence™ classes in Japan; April 2020 are POSTPONED

Please check our Event Page for more details.  

April 2020

May you be blessed with love, health, happiness.
During these challenging times we are open and
are here to bring you care and support.  

Message from Ruth~
We know that the most powerful agent of change is our own consciousness.  
As we shift into higher states and greater awareness our lives change to match this. 

Moving through these times of uncertainty there are many essences that I am personally finding helpful. 

Freedom from Fear is a powerful essence to take at this time.  It eases or eliminates fear so we can live more comfortably and make choices that are most helpful to us at this time.  
Clearing Repeating Memories has also been helpful for me.  This essence helps by bringing us into the present so our experiences are not colored by past traumas. 

I have been taking both of these essences together.
GratitudeLove, and Harmony strengthen these experiences and qualities within us.
Sweetness brings the gift of sweetness into our lives.  If life ever feels hard, this essence is a good one to take.
Self-Love, and Radical Self-Acceptance are important in caring for ourselves.  
Two of my favorite essences that I always enjoy are;
Joyful Expansion - for experiencing inner joy for no reason.  
Grace - which brings ease to every situation.


Of course as always essence choices are personal and we have many to choose from to meet your needs.  Please remember that our descriptions include what we know the essences offer and that they can do much more.

 We encourage you to look at the additional essences on our website to meet your needs.

Creating the life you want...
This time offers us an opportunity to reflect and decide what kind of future do we want.  Here are some essences to support you in the creation of your desired future.


Creating Realities/Imagination; to help us in imagining what we want.   
Expanding Possibilities; to discover pathways and possibilities beyond our prior knowing. 
Clear Intentions; for bringing us a clear vision and direction.  
Inspiration; for energy and enthusiasm to move forward. 
OSH IT A MAAT - The Beginning; This essence is amazing in that it holds the seeds of all potential experiences and outcomes.  It is 'The Beginning', before the first choice was made.  
Moving Forward/Release;
 Once you determine what you wish to create, this essence supports you to move towards it's fulfillment.  

Please check out the additional essences on our website to meet your needs.

Remember... You are loved and cared for.  
Legions of Angels are watching over us, supporting us.  

March 2020

What essences would be helpful now? 
Over the last few weeks I have been contacted as to what essences will be supportive during this time.  Below you will find a list of some of these essences.  

Those of you who are familiar with our essences know that our essences offer more than their descriptions.  We encourage you to look at the additional essences on our website to meet your needs.

Some recommended Angelic Essences™
We offer a large selection of essences that can provide the support needed for optimal health.

Below you will find essences for both our physical and emotional condition.  It is important to take care of our emotions and thoughts as they affect our energy and health.  When we feel stress our immune system becomes weaker.  We want to cultivate positive emotions so that our bodies and our immunity becomes stronger.  

For greater peace and to raise our vibration:
Freedom from Fear
Clearing Repeating Memories
Joyful expansion

For our health:
Angelic Healing, Balance and Integration
Creating Healthy Boundaries
DNA Clearing
Pranamaya Kosha (other koshas may be helpful too)
Microbial Health and Balance
Regeneration (helps in recovery after illness)
Creating Realities

Since viruses are connected to worthiness issues, the following essences can be beneficial:
Shame Free
Radical Self-Acceptance ~ NEW ESSENCE

Since bacteria are connected to guilt issues, the following essences support clearing and resolving guilt:
Guilt be gone
Self-Forgiveness ~ NEW ESSENCE 

Of course there are more essences that can be helpful at this time.  Please check our website for more to choose from.

Note: Angelic Essences have been created as a support for personal transformation.  They are not meant to take the place of allopathic medicine.  Please see your doctor for medical care.  

Thank you to Dr. Masaru Emoto for sharing the wisdom of his discoveries. 

Angelic Essences™ new website!  
We love the look of our new site and hope you do too.  
Once our new store was up and running we discovered that the only way we can accept online payments is through the PayPal processor.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this as you can use your credit card directly to pay.  
You can also contact us directly and we can process your card through our server.  This is the secure server we have used in the past and will be using on our new site.  

Thank you for your ongoing love and support of Angelic Essences™.
Ruth and the Angelic Essence™ Team. 

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