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The co-creators of Angelic Essences™

The Angelic Essences™ Team:
Angelic Essences are co-created by Angels of the purest, highest order and loving Spiritual beings dedicated to the service of this planet and all those who live upon her. All of these beings come from a variety of locations and dimensions, which creates a wealth of opportunity for the creation of many wonderful essences that meet a variety of needs. They have committed themselves to assisting us in increasing our consciousness and experiencing Love and Truth in our lives. They have amazing skill and a wealth of humor as they bring through energies of a higher vibration and clarity than have been available here before. It is to these beings that we owe our gratitude and appreciation for the creation of Angelic Essences™, for it is through their commitment and service to us that these essences are available.

From the Angelic Essence™ Team; the non-physical co-creators of Angelic Essences™ :
We want you to know these energies that we support bringing forth right now are ancient, yet new. They may be familiar to some, but are new for many. Our work with you comes from our commitment to see you move on to the next level of energy, shifting awareness, vibration and experience. We want to see this, for it will mean that you will be prepared to bring yourselves into the next steps of evolutionary development.

You have had many great teachers that have come and said the greatest experience and energy available is love. This is true. Love is at the core of everything. It is at the core of life itself. If you could allow yourselves to live in and from this place of love, then you will be one with us and with one another.

We are not from here. We are beyond your comprehension. We are from realms you are unfamiliar with, though some of you we have known. Our job is to assist in co-creating worlds, in opening consciousness, in putting ourselves out of a job. We are here to support and inspire you. Ours is a path of service and a commitment to you and the whole of all existence. We move in harmony with all and do not interfere but assist when asked.

We do love and care about you. We see unlimited amounts of potential and untapped qualities and gifts that we feel committed to assist you in bringing to fruition. We are not noble, we just act like it, (oh, the laughter). Actually it is due to our love for you that we are here. You are incredible beings with great potential. We want to support and participate in your birth. Your birth to your higher selves, to your full magnificence. We love you and are here in service.

Yours in service, The Angelic Essence™ team.

Ruth Joy co-creator; The physical connection and "warehouse worker":

Ruth Joy is the physical being involved with bringing these energies into a useable physical form. Committed to personal and planetary healing and evolution, her work involves, facilitating changes in consciousness, expanding awareness and possibilities, and increasing personal vibration, which brings about greater, peace, purpose, health and joy. Ruth facilitates healing at a cellular, spiritual and soul level, addressing the cause of dis-ease to create deep and lasting change. Ruth believes in the empowerment of the individual and teaches classes and practical methods of self-discovery, healing and transformation. She works in harmony with Spirit and one's Higher Self, to co-create balance, health, peace, love and joy in life.

With over 30 years of personal experience and training in the healing arts, Ruth has been blessed with the presence and guidance of teachers and elders from many walks of life. Her contribution to the creation of Angelic Essences™ draws from many of these teachings and experiences.

Ruth's work with essences began in the 1980's. Introduced to them by one of her teachers, she immediately resonated with them and began to use them extensively. In her years studying various modalities, Ruth had become committed to the Hippocratic oath, "First do no harm." Essences provided a perfect match, for if a person does not need a particular essence it will not affect them, but will be eliminated like water. This allows the student and lay practitioner the means to assist themselves and others without the risk of harm."

Ruth began making flower essences in the 1980's and made over a hundred and fifty different flower and gemstone essences. These she has used and shared with other practitioners over the years.

Through her strong connection to the Angelic and Spirit realms and an intimate connection with the Devic and nature realms, and her personal Divine, she was guided in what was the beginning of an incredible journey with essences. This work has and continues to expand what she originally thought was possible and has attuned her to energies and Spiritual Beings that were previously beyond her comprehension. As her vibration increases new teams of Spiritual helpers and guides join in the fun of bringing into form new energies and give her new tasks in this work. She is most grateful for the experience and opportunity that has been given her and is grateful daily for the gifts that have come from this work. She is appreciative of the individuals that come into her life through the essences, and the ongoing feedback she receives concerning the effectiveness and life changing results the essences have brought. It is a blessed place to be.

Ruth is available for private sessions, workshops, presentations and trainings. She can be reached through Angelic Essences™ at 1-800-910-8877, or through the email address: