Frequently Asked Questions

What are Angelic Essences™?

Angelic Essences™ are based in distilled water to which energy from higher dimensions is transmitted. Many of these energies are new to our planet and it is through the gift and grace of the Angelic Realm and the Divine that these energies can now be available in this form for us to use. Angelic Essences™ stimulate a change of consciousness in its users and facilitates healing on all levels, including the soul. Angelic Essences™ can be used by people of all ages, by animals and plants. They can also be used for space clearing and purification.

How do Angelic Essences™ work?

Angelic Essences™ are based in distilled water to which energy of a high vibration from higher demensions is transmitted. Everything is vibration. Our vibration has a unique frequency and when it is out of balance, depending on the extent or how, we experience the state or condition called illness. When we take Angelic Essences™, the vibration of our human cells resonate with its energy and this effect spreads throughout our entire energy body and subtle bodies. The essence supports us to restore balance with ease. It brings our vibration back to its optimal frequency and clarity. Some essences may work primarily at the cellular level, while other essences affect the more subtle levels of functioning, i.e. the chakras, nadis, koshas, meridians, and subtle bodies. Angelic Essences™ are made in a distilled water base with water containing the ability to store energy and to transfer the energy of the essence to the person. The energetic imprint carried in the essence transfers a specific frequency and information of subtle energy to the person in order to affect healing at a variety of levels. Being vibrational they can bring support to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and consciousness. Angelic Essences™ can also help reconnect and strengthen the connection between our personality and higher self

How do I take the essences?

We recommend taking Angelic Essences™ in a conscious manner, by focusing your intent and expressing gratitude to Spirit. Shake the bottle well to energize the remedy for the best results. Angelic Essences™ may be taken right from the bottle by placing a few drops under your tongue, or placed in a glass of pure water to drink. They can be put in a bath and used topically. You may also place them in a spray bottle to cleanse a room or yourself. For animals, a few drops in a water dish works well. For plants, placing some essences in their water and mister proves effective. Use your imagination. People are continually creating new ways to use vibrational essences.

What is the dosage?

Dosage is determined by the frequency of use, not the volume consumed. A common dosage may be from 2-5 drops, 3-5 times a day. Individuals are encouraged to use their intuition or dowsing to determine their dosage. Duration of use will vary with the individual.

How do I store my Angelic Essences™?

It is best to keep all vibrational remedies away from strong electric and magnetic fields and heat sources (particularly computers, microwaves, and large appliances). Exposure to these can have an effect on the vibration and effectiveness of the remedies. Though these essences are made to hold their vibration when exposed to strong E.M.F.'s, we recommend you become aware the electric and magnetic fields around you and honor the energies of the essences by keeping them on a dresser, bookshelf, or altar if you have one. It is also best to keep your essences out of direct sunlight. Angelic Essences™ are in sterile containers to assure purity and a long shelf life. If uncontaminated these essences will last indefinitely. If the dropper touches something, you may rinse it under pure water or dip it into boiling water before placing it back into the bottle. If the bottle should become unsterile it will not alter the effectiveness of the essence, though it may give it a shelf life.

Who would benefit from taking Angelic Essences™?

Every living thing can benefit from essences. They are effectively used with people, animals, plants and environments. Being energetic, they can assist in healing and balancing all of life.

I'm not sure about this energy stuff. Will they still work for me?

Yes. Some people are more sensitive to the effects and will feel the essences working immediately, for some, the experience is more subtle and though the essence is working, they may not notice the results for a few days or weeks.

What benefits can I expect from taking Angelic Essences™?

What you will experience by taking essences is dependent on your current situation. For some, a feeling of awakening and clarity is experienced. It is possible to experience relief from illness and stress. Most people experience a greater sense of well being, joy and peace.

Can Angelic Essences™ affect medical treatment?

Yes, in a positive way! Though essences are not meant to replace medical attention or care, they have been found to be extremely beneficial in conjunction with traditional medical and psychotherapeutic treatments. They can increase the benefits of any therapy by speeding up recovery time, increasing awareness, feelings of well-being, and by working on the subtle bodies to heal the cause of disease. Angelic Essences™ can be effective in reducing stress, a major cause of illness.

Note: Angelic Essences™ produce no harmful side effects and will do nothing if not needed. Angelic Essences™ work uniquely with each individual and are not guaranteed to produce specific results. Angelic Essences™ are not meant to replace medical attention or advice. Please seek medical attention when needed.

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