• Wooden Pendant- Classic Bocote Wood


    Stunning Wooden Pendants created from Rainforest Woods and lined with a glass vial to hold a custom essence made just for you. Each pendant is unique as the grain and color varies slightly in each pendant. 

    These pendants are created to educate and support the preservation of the rainforests and the manufacturer contributes a portion of all proceeds to the preservation of the rainforests. 

    These pendants come filled with a custom essence made just for you and can be refilled with your favorite Angelic Essences indefinitely. They can also be used as a pendulum. 

    We offer them as an alternative way to experience the benefits of taking essences. 
    Experience the ease, joy and power of wearing Angelic Essences in these beautiful pendants.

    About this Pendant: This is the Classic Woodlovers style. It is a very popular design. A Classic! 
    The photo shows this pendant in Bocote Wood.

    These beautiful pendants are no longer being made and our stock is limited. We have 1 left.