CHI MU: The Lemurian Sea


She works with our DNA. She brings purity and raises vibration.

I am the sea, the ocean of life.
I am your mother and your father.
I birth you and nurture you to wholeness. 
I carry you in the depths of my womb and the fringes of my tips. 
I am one with all creatures and all creation. 
I ebb and flow to the rhythm of life.
my own rhythm.
I am the dance and the dancer.
The dark and the light.
Support and nurturance I bring to all who come to me.
I cleanse and release from you when asked. 
I am whole, I am all.
It is with love I am here for you.
This goddess within and without for I sing and move to natural rhythms.
I am.

This is part of the Lemurian Essences Kit.