Angelic Children and Parent's Kit™


This kit of Angelic Essences consists of energies to support ALL children and their parents, including energies to meet the special needs of the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children. These essences support the consciousness of these children, the parents and caregivers of these children, and the potential that is available to us all as we access these energies and consciousnesses. These essences are not exclusive to these new children and will assist everyone. They stimulate and support a recognition and an honoring of our children and ourselves. This kit includes the following essences:

1. Freedom From Fear

2. The Doorway to Higher Frequencies (Indigo/Gateway #1)

3. Entering the Next Dimensional Shift (Indigo/Gateway #2)

4. Awareness with Love (Indigo/Gateway #3)

5. Gateway to Truth Passion Purpose Hope (Indigo/Gateway #4)

6. Gateway of Completion  (Indigo/Gateway #5)

7. Inspiration

8. Joyful Expansion

9. Letting Go

10. Mother Moon/Mother Mary

11. Opening to/Embracing Earth Incarnation

12. Solid Center/Peaceful Heart