Angel Pendant in Sterling Silver with White Topaz


These beautiful pendants are hand-made in Bali from our own designs. Each pendant has delicate hand applied silver designs that Balinese jewelry is known for. Each can vary slightly due to their hand made nature.

Each pendant comes boxed with a Custom Angelic Essence™ made just for you. They can also be refilled with Angelic Essences™ indefinitely. 

These are beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry that you can use to bring the healing, supportive energies of Angelic Essences™ with you. Experience the ease, joy and effectiveness of wearing Angelic Essences™ throughout your day. 

The dimensions are: 4 1/2 cm tall, 5 4/5 cm tall with the bail included and 2 3/5 cm wide. 
These designs are only available through Angelic Essences™. This photo is of the Pendant with the White Topaz stone. We have 2 left.