Self Forgiveness


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This essence supports us to forgive ourselves.  There are things that may have happened in our lives that we feel bad about.  We wish we could do something or could have done something to change it.  Our desire may be honorable, but not possible for us to fulfill.  We blame ourselves for this. We carry guilt.   When we blame ourselves we stay stuck in suffering.  The situation does not improve from this.  Guilt or blame does not allow for heaing or resolution.  You may notice that if you blame yourself others will join you and blame you too – even if you are innocent.  Blame does not help or support anything in life. Self forgiveness is a way to cultivate a deeper awareness and compassion that we can take into the rest of our lives.   You can serve yourself, others and the world by forgiving yourself.  Forgiveness is to ‘give as before’.   Use this essence to free yourself through self forgiveness.  This will free those around you too.  

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