Radical Self Acceptance


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Radical self acceptance is being able to fully see the truth of who I am without filters without blinders to the parts would interpret as undesirable.  radical acceptance is seeing and loving myself just as I am. Allowing all the hidden parts to come forth to be revealed to be embraced, excepted, And loved. Self acceptance is often difficult in a world where we compare ourselves to others through social media and curated images that no one can ever achieve. We judge our looks, our intelligence, our talents and more. In comparison and self judgment we lose the ability to accurately see and value ourselves.  Each of us has qualities, gifts, and abilities unlike others.  We have our own strengths, our own beauty.  This essence supports us to over-ride the programming that says we need to be different than how we are.  It encourages acceptance of our lives, our abilities, our situations, all parts of our self expression and our lives.  It supports us to accept and celebrate ourselves.

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