OOM SHA WA: Co-Creation


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The world, seen and unseen, is filled with Spirit helpers. This essence is to fully engage the powers of co-creation to manifest more than can currently be imagined or conceptualized. Intelligence and consciousness lies in all things and in all beings. This essence brings awareness of All and it’s part in co-creation. With this essence we consciously work in harmony with all, that we may co-create in joy and love a world for all to flourish and benefit from. As choices are made (the seeds of the beginnings are stimulated) co-creation of these potentials begin. This essence brings understanding and right action in this process to further the co-creative process to beyond what one has known. Instant manifestation. This essence is for recognizing your part in co-creation and the power and responsibility you have in these joyful undertakings of co-creation.This is part of the Lemurian Essences Kit.

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