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This essence opens the heart to Divine Love, to love beyond all prior knowing and experience. It heals the hearts, souls and spirits of all who inhabit the earth now, and brings us into closer harmony with the Higher Source of Love. Powerful and transformative. This essence is experiential not conceptual. It is valuable in that we create a base of love in all beings in order to transform our current condition. For healing all matters of the heart; emotional trauma is eased; the physical heart is healed. One may feel enveloped by the soft energy of love. Many essences have come before to turn us back to love and open us to higher states of love. This essence goes beyond these. It comes from the source of ALL THAT IS LOVE, which is currently beyond our comprehension. By taking this essence, awareness of this source will come to us, gently, as if we are awakening from a deep sleep. It is part of the Gifts of the Angels Kit and also comes in a spray.

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