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Written about in the Upanishads, the kosha model navigates an inner journey—starting from the periphery of the body and moving towards the core of the self: the embodied soul.The Koshas are energy sheaths that encompass the mind, body and spiritual aspects of consciousness manifested in physical form.These essences support the optimal function of the Koshas. 1.  Annamaya Kosha: FOOD BODY-STABILITY. This is the first, most outermost Kosha, which consists of our physical body. Getting stuck in this kosha can manifest as objectification of the body, anger towards body, obsession over eating (eating disorders), an attempt to control form, dissociation from feelings, aches, pains. This essence is for accessing, healing, transforming and balancing this layer.2.  Pranamaya Kosha:  ENERGY BODY-VITALITY. Prana is the vital force that moves through the body.  It is the energy that keeps your physical body functioning. When the energy gets stuck here there is anxiety, restlessness, depression, dis-ease, chronic pain, fatigue, fear, compulsivity & digestive, endocrine & immune system deregulation. This essence supports the energy flow of the body. For strength & vitality.3.  Manomaya Kosha: MIND BODY-CLARITY. This layer is our day-to-day awareness when we are functioning ‘on automatic’. It is instinctual and houses our mental impressions, habits and strategies. It is the source of the mind-body disconnection. This essence will help calm obsessive thinking, anxiety, restlessness, depression.  It helps release knots tied up in mental energy.4.  Vijinanamaya Kosha: WISDOM BODY-INTELLIGENCE. This essence is about awareness, the higher mind, intuitive knowing. We know, decide, judge, & discriminate from the wisdom part of ourselves/our higher consciousness. A healthy 4th kosha supports people to make healthy choices, to develop morals, self-discipline, studious, devoted & to live free from the promptings of instinct or overindulging.5.  Anandamaya Kosha: BLISS BODY-JOY. It is peace, joy, and love that is beyond the mind, independent of any reason or stimulus to cause a happy mental reaction. It is simply being, resting in bliss called ananda.. One awakens to the Presence with a sense of connection to all, liberation from suffering and a state of being often described as “in the flow.”  It is the highest level of vibration in this life.6. Layers of Life-The Koshas:  BALANCE-HARMONY. The Koshas encompass the mind, body, and the spiritual aspects of consciousness manifested in physical form. They are the source of our well-being during life and are the vehicles we travel in after death. This essence supports the harmonizing, balance, interconnection and healthy functions of all the Koshas. 

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