IL AN SO MA: The Crowning Glory


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This essence was created after the other Lemurian Essences and is in a sense the Crown. When it was made a shaft of light came down and form turned into light. Our vibration raises high and our hearts open more that we become light.This process was used in the temples of Lemuria and is to be used with great focus, prayer and intention.This shift into becoming light came with a lifetime of dedication to becoming a being of pure love and light, of consciously having healed all personal issues, of spending time and focus on healing the whole, of raising their vibrations and becoming pure love. When one’s vibration is so pure, high and clear and the being is filled with love, ascension (the movement into the lightbody) can occur. They can still return to physical but with a different molecular structure and for periods of time. This essence will awaken one to this process and support whatever step they are on.This is part of the Lemurian Essences Kit.

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