Earth Healing #4- Evolutionary Promise


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This essence is the culmination of the promise that has been made for the next manifestation of earth. For the transformation. This is the promise of what we and the earth are creating and are moving towards. This is the promise of the creation of the new earth. This is the new earth! All of the aspects of the earth have needed to be balanced, healed and reconnected and once this is done, she can begin her final ascent and transformation. This essence is to assist with this process.  This essence given to the earth herself will support this evolutionary promise. It is recommended that it work in harmony with the other essences and not be used without the essences Foundation, Sea and Stone, Crust and Crystal so all aspects and elements of her moving to oneness together.  If someone chooses to take this essence internally, this supports the evolution, the shift of the human form, of the human consciousness, and of the human being to that matching the earth. This shift moves us into oneness with the earth, and the changes that are upon her.  This essence was co-created by Bonnie Whittington, essence producer extraordinaire; Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team.  It is part of the  Earth Healing Kit .

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