Earth Healing #2- Sea and Stone


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This essence if given to the earth, stimulates the awakening of the energies of the sea and the stone. Within the water of the sea and the elements of the stone lie recorded information of the earth’s history and evolution. By awakening this information and increasing our ability to access it, we can move forward with greater consciousness and connection with the guidance of the earth’s teachings.  This essence harmonizes the earth’s foundation to the sea and the stone. It then harmonizes and suppports balancing the sea and stone, with the other elements and aspects of the earth.  The essence Sea and Stone taken within our bodies, stimulates within us a mirroring of the awakening, stabilization and harmonizing of this level of our being with that of other aspects of ourselves and also that of the earth.  This essence was co-created by Bonnie Whittington, essence producer extraordinaire; Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team.  It is part of the  Earth Healing Kit.

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