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Condor essence guides you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Perspectives change, and you start to see life on a bigger, grander scale, one that you never thought was ever possible to see with your own eyes. Condor essence  offers to us an understanding of the cycles of death and rebirth. This essence can bring insights, visions, and help us see into ourselves.  It can free us from illusion and our delusions and show us where we need to make changes. This essence supports us to ‘go with the flow’ and move in harmony with life.   Condor essence also encourages us to allow our hearts to soar, and follow them to see what is possible, Shamanic Animal Essences are made in cooperation with the Animal Spirit World. They carry the energy and qualities of the animal’s group mind and highest possibilities. They may bring to the user the attributes of the animal, or a greater bond to the animal. These essences are offered to you that you may grow, develop, heal, and learn from our animal friends, that you may come to know them better and appreciate their gifts.  We are continuing to make new ones and will consider requests for making specific animal essences. 

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