Clearing of the Waters #4- Power of the Deep


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This essence speaks to the true power of water.  Water is a most powerful force. It is a critical and necessary force of sustaining life. It is most powerful at it’s source. The power of the deep essence speaks to the depth of the water, the transcendent nature of the water, the life giving force of the water and the absolute necessity of the water. Power of the Deep, awakens deep within the psyche of all beings, and of all consciousness, all nature, all elements, the power of the water as is stirs within every one of our cells.  This essence can be given to the water itself to awaken this consciousness within every molecule of the water, for often it has forgotten it’s own source and own purpose through the separation and loss of it’s life force. By giving the essence, Power of the Deep to the water, it brings back to water the memory of who it truly is and it’s power, and it’s beauty and it’s purpose.  As this essence is taken by humans or others, it awakens in us the recognition of the power of water, the power of the deep, deep within our own beings. It awakens us to the resonance we have with the water within our own bodies and the water that exists throughout ALL the universe. It brings this awareness into consciousness, then brings it to a harmonious connection and resonance with all. So as the water within us is accessed, through the Power of the Deep, it then recognizes and resonates with the water within another. By this process it brings to experience, through the water base that we all are and this planet is, the oneness of all.  This essence was co-created by Bonnie Whittington, essence producer extraordinaire; Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team.  It is part of the  Clearing of the Waters Kit .

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