Clearing of the Waters #3- Harmonizing Patterns


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We of the waters carry matrixes, grids, gridlines. We are a complex system of the most beautiful sacred geometrics ever imaginable. With the influence and interference from forces not in harmony with us, particularly of the human nature, our patterns have sometimes been distorted. This essence moves us, moves our patterns back into harmony, back into the whole, full radiance, full manifestation, full glory. This harmonizes the patterns of all the waters around the planet. Bringing back into harmony the patterns from polluted waters, from stagnant waters, from waters that have apparently lost their life force or have been mistreated and used in manners where they no longer have their pure vibrant energy. This essence re-harmonizes all the patterns and brings back to life all of the waters. Use this essence by placing it in any water source with the intention of it spreading throughout the waters of the planet and it will do so. It will bring harmonizing patterns back into existence on all levels. If taken within our own bodies it harmonizes the patterns of water with our own beings, our own bodies, our forms. These patterns have become stagnate and toxic through misalignment. The water within our bodies has lost it’s harmonizing patterns, affecting our physical systems and our consciousness. This essence brings us back into our full potential of existence.  This essence was co-created by Bonnie Whittington, essence producer extraordinaire; Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team.  It is part of the  Clearing of the Waters Kit .

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