Clearing of the Waters #2- Song of Life


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When we awaken to nature and begin to hear her call, we open to the songs of life. These are the songs that are sung amongst all creatures, all elements. These are the songs in the wind, the songs in movement, and the songs in vibration and light. The songs of life stir deep within the heart of nature and express the beauty, the joy and radiance of nature and of all natural beings. The song of life attunes us to these songs. The song of life awakens us to our own song and supports us to respond and resonate with the songs of all nature, including those of all the waters.  By placing Clearing of the Waters -Song of Life essence into a body of water it brings this water into resonance with the song of life, bringing a harmonious connection to all of life and with all of creation.  Taken internally, this essence brings the song of life into awareness, so the song of life then sings through our cells, sings through our body, mind, soul. The song of life resonates within us and brings to us a deeper connection with life through the waters. This is the song that we have disconnected from that still exists in even the smallest of voices. As we take this essence to awaken the song within ourselves and within the waters of our planet; this voice will become stronger and it will bring greater harmony, joy, connection, and resonance within ourselves.  This essence was co-created by Bonnie Whittington, essence producer extraordinaire; Ruth Joy and the Angelic Essence Team.  It is part of the  Clearing of the Waters Kit.

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