Annamaya Kosha


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Annamaya Kosha:  FOOD BODY-STABILITY. This is the first, most outermost Kosha, which consists of our physical body. Getting stuck in this kosha can manifest as objectification of the body, anger towards body, obsession over eating (eating disorders), an attempt to control form, dissociation from feelings, aches, pains. This essence is for accessing, healing, transforming and balancing this layer. This is part of the  Angelic Koshas Kit . Written about in the Upanishads, the kosha model navigates an inner journey— starting from the periphery of the body and moving towards the core of the self: the embodied soul. The Koshas are energy sheaths that encompass the mind, body and spiritual aspects of consciousness manifested in physical form. These essences support the optimal function of the Koshas.

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